We are proud to establish ACE 54 and apply more than 25 years of experience.

Through an expanded geographical footprint in 54 African countries, this is an exceptional and rare opportunity to develop business without major investments in infrastructure or sales force.

ACE 54 offers shippers and consignees more options and a competitive edge in-country Africa.

This unparalleled concept provides technical  information and best pricing for project destination services in the five African regions.

Our team will excel through their expertise in the seven segments of the industry: oil & gas (mid-and downstream), renewables, mining, nuclear, hydro power, rail and infrastructure.

We are committed to steadily invest in all African countries, guaranteeing continuous improvement on all levels of QHSSE processes and Compliance standards.

ACE 54 encourages and promotes local content through already identified talent and training programs in co-operation with our African partners.

We are looking forward to receive your inquiries and become the Enigma contributor to your company’s growth.


ACE 54 Management


ACE 54 is committed to support all
International Project Forwarders (IPF)
during door-to-door tenders in Africa

Philippe Somers

ACE 54 will select the best in-country partners
within the 7 segments.