African Experience

/African Experience

Eastern Africa

  • Set up of legal identity in Kenya
    • Power plant for Korean EPC
  • Set up of legal identity in Uganda
    • Spot cargoes for smaller and mid size projects from Mombasa to Uganda
  • Cargoes for mining and infrastructure projects via Dar es Salaam port (Tanzania) to Burundi, DRC, and Rwanda
  • Transport and inland services for rail cars from Australia to Mozambique
  • Door-to-door services from Belgium to Mozambique for infrastructure related to the LNG projects.

Western Africa

  • Based in Port Harcourt and Lagos (Nigeria) for 18 months
    • FPSO project for oil company
    • Offshore and agency work for DP vessels
    • Onshore pipeline project for EPC from Nigeria to Ghana via Benin and Togo 
  • General Manager for legal identities in Senegal and Mauritania with focus
    on various EPC tenders for offshore oil & gas operations in both countries
  • Set up of legal identity. In country services from various West African ports
    to site including 2000 km trucking services for EPC / major mining project in Niger.

Southern Africa

  • Small and mid size mining and oil & gas projects in South Africa
  • Door to door services for Chinese EPC / wind farm
  • Ocean charters from Capetown (South Africa) to Angola, Namibia and Rep. of Congo for the offshore oil & gas industry
  • Inland operations for various mining projects from South Africa to Botswana, DRC and Zambia

Northern Africa

  • Oil & gas operations offshore Sfax (Tunisia) 
  • Set up of various offices in Algeria providing transport and inland services for:
    • Rail projects for French railcar maker
    • Various power projects
    • LNG projects
    • Upstream onshore oil & gas operations for global oil & gas service companies
    • Cement factories
    • Various ocean and air charters ex Algeria
  • Creation of joint venture in Libya with head office in Tripoli
    • Shore base operation in Misratah for major oil company
  • Shore base for offshore deepwater drilling operations in Morocco
  • Port operations for wind farm in Morocco
  • Cabotage movements for petrochemical complex
  • Power and Chemical plants for various EPC's in Egypt
  • In-country services with owned trucks for a power plant in Sudan 

Middle Africa

  • Based in Libreville & Port Gentil (Gabon) for 3 years
    • 12 drilling rigs (on- and offshore) in agency
    • Serving all global oil & gas service companies
    • Organised the first AN-124 charter into Gabon
  • Set up ship’s agency for OIC operating in Pointe Noire (Rep. of Congo) for their offshore operations in Angola
  • Oil & gas offshore support services for international EPC companies in Angola
  • Offshore oil & gas support services in Equatorial Guinea
  • Largest onshore pipeline project ever realised in Africa from Cameroun to Chad
    • Up to 300 wells per year
    • Multiple rig moves in challenging landscape
    • 350 staff at peak period
    • Ten thousands of trucks under highest QHSSE standards
    • Multiple pipe yards for storage
  • Multiple spot shipments for mining in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
  • Pricing and negotiation for water project for Korean EPC in DRC