Central Africa

/Central Africa

This is where it initially all started as the first country of my overseas career was Gabon, where oil & gas E&P was the only and major activity with 12 out of 13 drilling companies in agency both for on-and offshore, split over respectively the ports of Libreville and Port Gentil.

Set up the shipping department in Pointe Noire (Republic of Congo) after the major award of the largest French oil & gas operator for his work in destroyed Angola.

Other upstream activities included Cameroun and Equatorial Guinea.

As a global P&L owner, work included the pipeline between Chad and Cameroun for an American operator.  While the project is rather in a maintenance mode now, the project after 16 years is still active.  The projects required up to 300 wells per year, onshore rig moves across the country with challenging landscape and up to 5 different pipe storage yards.  The ten thousand of trucks required escorts, drivers training and full QHSSE compliance.

The project was manned as much as 350 staff at peak periods

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) meanwhile is fighting its challenging port and road infrastructure, but remains an important mining country.